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The Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Message

Founded in Paris by St. Madelein Sophie Barat in 1800, the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has received as its foundational grace the call to live “union and conformity” to the Lord in order to radiate by its love and service the very love of His Heart.

Spread as it is across the world, it still lives this call today through its diverse apostolates all of which seek to make known the love of Christ and to communicate it.

It is within this religious family that Sr. Josefa was called to plunge herself into the fire of the Heart of Christ, to live in an intense union with the Risen Jesus and in conformity with Him whom she loved unto the Cross.

Adresses :


Society of the Sacred Heart,

115, Triq il-Miratur,
Floriana, FRN 1109


Oeuvre du Sacré-Coeur

Rue des Feuillants, 9
F – 86000 Poitiers


Site Sacré Coeur


Oeuvre du Sacré-Coeur

Rue de l’Abondance, 31


Site Mère Barat

rscj international

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